Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

I really never knew I was such a Christmas person..   Yesterday my husband found a list of Christmas songs I had jotted down as a reminder to download.  (I didn't want to look like such a weirdo downloading them in September I guess).  But now I look even weirder because I made a list and hid it!

So now that I am a shop owner I guess it's socially acceptable to start gearing up for the holidays early - yay!  You know, the way the mall is decorated for the holidays in October and your magazine subscriptions are already sharing with you holiday recipes and gift ideas?  I am going to go crazy making holiday cards and tags.  Thanks to my Aunt Peg who got me lots of goodies at archivers for my upcoming birthday - here's my first one!  

Ornament Cards - soon to be seen at!

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