Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Striped Salutations in the Making..

Work in progress..
Ben says salutations makes no sense but it makes sense to me!  Here's what I'm working on today - or was - until Boo woke up.  It's cool though, he needs SOMEONE to play with and since I'm the only one around I GUESS I'll play with him - ha!  Can you find the beginnings of these cards in my mess??

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Source Code

Geekbert's Take

The best word to describe this movie is...cute. I imagined one thing and it just didn't live up to my expectations. While this doesn't mean that it wasn't good, it didn't even graze the greatness murmurs. It's like a poor man's Inception meets DeJavu (Another underachiever). Intricate and unique concept but very short and unnecessarily sped up (Less than 90 minutes). The saving grace for the movie is the "time traveler" headache a staple of time traveling movies? I'm pretty sure there is a huge plot flaw at the end of the movie, but I'm still struggling through the sequences to be sure. To me, that can be a sign of a good movie and in this case it was. Jake put on a great show as usual and it couldn't have come at a better time. I'll give him a pass on Love and Other Drugs but Prince of Persia? Bad Jake! This film falls in my category of, "Glad I saw it, probably won't see it again". See it after Adjustment Bureau, Limitless, and Lincoln Lawyer.

3/5 Limbs

Another Date...

Bridget and Michael
I got to see her again!  Luckily my Mama really likes her Mama because I keep getting to see my babe Bridget.  I swear she is cuter everytime I see her.  This time she was wearing a really cute dress with matching panties (not that I was looking) and had another adorable bow in her hair. We were out and about but when we got home I got to share my play mat with her.  Our Mom's moved our heads apart after a bit because they thought she might be pulling my hair but really she was just telling me how cute she thinks my curls are.  Can't wait until we meet again!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Initial Cards

"A" cards for Miss Audrey
Initial cards are one of my new projects.  These ones are a work in progress for Audrey.  I recently added these to the shop but had a lot of fun making samples for friends and family.  I'm really excited about these because I think they're just so much cuter than the generic blank cards you might pick up at Hallmark or your local store.  Of course I add a rhinestone to each just for a little sparkle ;)  They're really very simple to make - just layers of paper and my cricut cuts my letters for me, glue and add the stone! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It Was a Relaxing Weekend...

Boo Baby chillin' on Sunday.
We chilled and watched movies almost the whole weekend!  Stayed in the A/C and played with our baby boo.  Ben made awesome food (typical) and I saw a few flicks I hadn't seen.  One of my faves was "Fever Pitch".  It was really cute!  I love Drew Barrymore.  Michael gets cuter by the second and we had lots of fun making faces at him.  Saturday we saw some of the fam - Baboo and the Neely's for a late lunch and had a really good time. 

Friday, July 22, 2011


Geekbert's Take

I think a lot of people will say that this was Cooper's first serious break. I believe that it was Barker's Midnight Meat Train, but it was because of that film that I knew he had a "Limitless" in him. Not a very recognizable look but intriguing and unique. Great story, great cast, great writing, and then De Niro shows up. I think it's wonderful to see someone with a "good old boy" academy stature like De Niro give his blessing to a movie like this by playing a background role the way he did. Would the movie be good without him? Sure. Did he take Limitless to the next level? Definitely. This flick was just a touch off being perfect and isn't just a must see but a must own. Everyone loves the "lottery" type movies that beg the questions, "Could you imagine?" or "What would you do?". Interesting twist at the end as well. A great example of how to walk away with your hands raised in the air.

4.5/5 Limbs

Lincoln Lawyer

Geekbert's Take

Matthew McConaughey is so hit or miss that it takes an unusual amount of trust these days to invest in any of his movies. When the man is on, no one is capable of playing a deadbeat surfer **FILL IN THE BLANK** quite like he does. When he's off the mark, I truly believe he's Adam Sandler's inspiration to continue in Hollywood. However, every once in a while someone tosses him a Wooderson that really puts him in his comfort zone. That being said, the casting department made this flick. The same team that casted Shawshank and put Edward Norton together with Richard Gere in Primal Fear hits the nail on the head by finally giving Ryan Phillipe the role he should be playing. The to top it off you get treats along the way with Michael Pena, William H. Macy, Marissa Tomei, and my new man crush...Bryan Cranston. My only real gripe was the way the movie ended (Or refused to end if you will). Not a life changer but you're missing out if you don't see this puppy.

3.5/5 Limbs

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hall Pass

Geekbert's Take

It's a Farrelly Brothers movie so you know it's going to be three things: Shocking, memorable (Not necessarily a good thing), and stupid as hell. It's not the best they've done but it's not the worst either. Owen Wilson plays his same old charmingly befuddled asshole that you can't get mad at and the other guy (I don't think he deserves a name as an actor yet) is just a plain old fill in the blank asshole. Blah, blah, blah...imaginary hypothetical situation that would never happen and I'm already ashamed that I've given this many words to the review. The only reason I would recommend this movie over Unknown is because of one bathroom scene. Worth the entire $1.05 just for that cheap laugh. Maybe see it but I could care less if you don't.

2/5 Limbs


Geekbert's Take

What a great concept. An assasin gets amnesia only to wake up and try to right their wrongs when they realize they are the bad guy. How has no one thought of this concept before? At least The Hangover II had the decency to continuously point out that, "Yes...this is the same story, now enjoy the tranny sex jokes". Liam Neeson has put in his time but he needs to slow the hell down. 16 movies in the last 5 years? Hey Qui-Gon, at least read the scripts so you know you aren't walking into the...Unknown. I really wanted to like this movie but it ended up leaving me unfulfilled like Taken. January Jones is already tired which doesn't really matter because all I ever see is the porn star from Anger Management. Believe it or not, this isn't even the best "Unknown" that has been made in the last decade. Rent the Caviezel version (Still not that good), Bourne Identity, and Long Kiss Goodnight instead of this one.

2/5 Limbs

Look at me!

This week I turned 2 months and wow have I grown!  I went to the Dr. and they said I weigh almost 14 lbs!  Mom's baby book says babies my age are normally around 10 lbs.  I am a good eater!  Ha!  The last few weeks we have been really getting into a "routine".  It looks kinda like this:

6:30am - We wake up and play in bed
6:45 - I eat
7:00 - Play in the living room
8:30 - I eat again and I usually take a 30 minute nap
9:30 - When I wake up we play again
10:30 - 1:30 - I eat and then I take this super long nap.

I mean, I sleep for three hours, sometimes longer.  I squeek a little when I wake up (I kinda forget where I am) but then Mom comes and gets me.  At this point I'm starving (Mom calls me a little hippo) so I eat again and then we play all afternoon.  Dad comes home pretty early which is nice and he makes faces at me and holds me before he makes dinner.  Our evenings are pretty good but I go to bed early.  Mom and Dad love giving me baths before I go to bed and that is the best - I love my baths!  Sometimes if it's hot I even go swimming with Dad.  He loves to swim - I watch him swim almost every single night.  Well, that's the latest.  I know it's not anything crazy but it's cool we have this routine.  I am happier for it.  Here's some recent pics of me.  I am cute!  (so I've been told)

My Godmother Bree gave me this onsie from the school she goes to.  She's super smart and right now she's in India!!!  

This is my girlfriend Bridget.  She is five weeks older than me but so petite.  I love her! 
This is me smiling at Mom.  She smiles - so I smile back! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adjustment Bureau

Geekbert's Take

I was surprised how good this movie ended up being. I don't think Matt Damon was meant for this role but Gyllenhaal, McConaughey, and Cooper were all busy that weekend making movies that were slightly better. Great story line and I always appreciate a movie that doesn't miss a step even though it's operating at a very high pace. For me it was a combination of A Beautiful Mind, Eternal Sunshine, City of Angels, and The Matrix. Insane combination I know, but for some reason it worked for me. I also really enjoyed Anthony Mackie who, from time to time, has found himself in some pretty good movies. Go watch it.

3.5/5 Limbs

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Beautiful Bloom" by Champagne Press

My Mom recently got me a Cricut (thank you Mom!!!) and my Aunt Peg introduced me to distressed inking and I am a little obsessed with both.  There's this whole new world I'm discovering about scrapbooking!  So I have purchased flowers to embellish my cards in the past and they are PRICEY.  And now I'm making flowers for my shop and for the cost of just a flower at many craft stores I am selling a handmade card with these beautiful blooms!  Pretty excited about it.  I think these are my favorite cards to make and I could easy add a greeting on the front of the card or inside if someone would like it :)  This one's Ben's fave!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Who is this crazy lady??

This is my normal face...  My Mom is nuts!  She takes pictures of me every morning and sends them to my Dad.  There's at least 5 pictures every morning, not to mention the countless ones that get deleted until I'm looking perfectly adorable or utterly ridiculous.  I love this time in the morning actually :)  This one here is from Wednesday.  This is what you would see if we were skyping.  Maybe someday!  Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Am Soooo Popular

Auntie Kristin and Uncle Brady came from Minnesota to spend time with me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Michael's First Kiss

Diana and her baby girl came to visit today.  What a cute pair!
Michael (8 weeks) Bridget (13 weeks)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Destiny Reunited

We will miss you baby girl!!! - Tux and Migo
The craigslist add was answered and Destiny left us today.  Her owner is in the military (which explains the Japanese dog tags and the San Diego phone) but was staying with her Mother just a few blocks away.  The dogs snuck out the garage door but are all home safe now.  We were sad to see her go! 

Kristin and Brady are Engaged!

The congrats card from Champagne Press :) 
What's more exciting is they're here for the weekend celebrating with us!  Love our weekends with them :)

Nipple Dreams

He couldn't possible be dreaming of anything else, haha!  You can tell he's dreaming of this milk squirting world when he's smiling and sucking during his sleep - even the occassional bouts of laughter.  It's official - he's a boob man!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 2 with Destiny

Yes, her name is Destiny. Was it meant to be? I've posted to craigslist that we found her so I hope if someones looking for her that they look there. For now she is happy in her rescue home ;)

We found a Princess

Yesterday as our carpets were getting professionally cleaned this gorgeous gal walked in our house! As if things weren't crazy enough with Migo and Tux barking in the back room and Michael babe... Her tags have a inaccurate phone number and an international rabies tag and she's micro-chipped I discovered today with a non-working phone number. Her and Tux are really cute together and we had fun cuddling her last night in bed. Someone must be missing this sweet girl.

"Make me a List"

So...  My morning starts like usual...  The hunt for the effing toothpaste...  Ben has decided that he doesn't like "our bathroom" anymore and is now using the guest bathroom.  Convenient for me!  Now not only do I have to (not really very often truthfully) clean my bathroom but the guest one now too.  Covered in Ben's shaver hair, etc.  You get the idea.  Well, Ben also thinks it's fun to use all his toothpaste and take mine into various rooms in the house every morning..  So the morning hunt begins! 

"Make me a list".  Ben's favorite comment when I need him to get something from the store, do a project around the house, etc.  Well here's your list Ben:

Found it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Happy Thursday!

Today we celebrate my Grandma Mary's birthday AND Colton Gauthier's turning 4!  I woke up feeling happy and today I took my first nap in my big boy crib.  I am still sleeping now as Mommy shares this.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Michael's first Trip to the Minn

So we dared to take a plane ride.  Only 6 weeks old and Michael was flying high!  He was an angel both ways - no tears - a few explosive diapers - but we made it there and back!  We loved everything about the weekend.  Met all the family, went to the mall (LOVED it), went to the cabin and had a blast - even without power for three days, and went to celebrate Kristin and Brady's engagement.  The only thing missing was his Daddy but Ben's "need to provide" was strong and work was his passion.  Here are a few pics to prove we were there.  Loved our long weekend with Grandma MP, Grandpa Bill and Great Aunt Peg!