Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Alive!

I would love to be a blogger that posts daily.  I'll add that to my list of things I would like to accomplish in a day along with styling my hair and getting to bed before 10:00pm.

Well were still kickin' here.  Busy with Michael's "swim" lessons.  I say "swim" because really he is just learning to float first but it's amazing how much I love watching him learn something.  It's probably a good thing his teacher prefers him not to swim outside of his lessons because I would probably be being a psycho practicing with him all afternoon.

Here's some of our latest from Champagne Press.  We haven't stopped and now that it's wedding season it's crazy!  Here are some non wedding goodies (well I guess some of them are wedding related) for you to see.  Our shop is growing and will be changing a lot very soon with new products and a new style.  Can't wait!
Thank you cards for the beautiful baby girl Ava!  My friend Brooke's new love bug!  

Birthday party invitations for Colton.  It was an AWESOME party with bad guys and breakfast and lots more fun!  

Bridal shower invitations for one of my fabulous customers!  

Molly's Cash man's birthday invitations.  So sad I will miss this party - it's going to be crazy fun!  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthdays and Baby

We've been busy busy with wedding invitations and baby Michael's social calendar ;)  He loves spending time with his Grandma Mary and now that we have a little one were on the birthday party lists!  Alright party!  Well speaking of parties if you know my best friend Molly you know March is her birthday.  Not any particular day - just March.  Here's the invitations I made for her Wig and Stache Bash (fun!). 
Vintage Birthday Invitations
Getting to be so big!  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Posts in One Day?!

I'm drinking wine and feeling chatty.  Hmmm... Where to begin, ha!  Well I am excited for my babe Michael someday to read this so I'm sure I can find SOMETHING about him to blog about, ha!  Yeah right, I am talking and obsessing over him constantly (in my head and to his Grandparents) I try to keep the Michael chatter to a minimum as not to annoy people but what can ya do ;)   So recently I have been comparing his newborn pics to now.  WOW.  Here's one of the first to most recent 8 mo pic.  
SOOO tiny!  

8 mo. Grown so much already!  
It sick how much we love him.  How anything he does is the funniest, cutest, etc.  Right now we laugh that he loves to climb, laughs at Tux and Migo constantly, is always hanging on Mama's legs, turns around when Dad tries to hold him, puckers up for kisses, high fives, is learning to wave hi, says DADADADA, today we think he said Michael, occasionally says MAMAMAMA and pretty much anything else he does is our favorite.  

Love our Baby Boo.

Wedding Dreams

So...  I was a little nervous at first to begin advertising wedding invitations..  You know - all the expectations that go into wedding planning, the uncertain brides, competitive market but the more I've been thinking the more I'm sure - I got this!  I am totally excited about creating something just perfect for each bride and I have been busy creating samples that I am really happy with.  More to come FOR SURE!

"Floral Luxe" for the dazzling bride.  

"Burlap and Lace" perfect for an outdoor or natural themed wedding.  
If you know me you know I LOVE NEUTRAL colors but I would be really excited to add a color pop to any of these invites or create something custom.  Pocketfolds, invite boxes, so many options!

I might add for all of you that like to think - how does she do it with a baby?!  My house is a HOT MESS, there's ribbon and paper EVERYWHERE, we are picking little rhinestones off every surface in our house but were happy so who cares!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zoo Trip

While my Mom and Dad were here for 2 weeks over Christmas we went to the Phoenix zoo!  Seems like every kids childhood is full of zoo memories (at least they should be) and here's Michael's first!  He is sure to be an animal lover with two puppies and a kitty at home.  He warmed up to the goats right away!  

I must say the Phoenix zoo is a little bit lame - lots of areas missing animals - but overall it was a really fun day!  We saw monkeys, an elephant, flamingos and more!  

Petting the goats

With Granma Mary Pat and Grandpa Bill 

Mama and Me!  (and a crazy orangatang - not sure how to spell that!) 

Feeding the Giraffe - sooo cool!