Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

I really never knew I was such a Christmas person..   Yesterday my husband found a list of Christmas songs I had jotted down as a reminder to download.  (I didn't want to look like such a weirdo downloading them in September I guess).  But now I look even weirder because I made a list and hid it!

So now that I am a shop owner I guess it's socially acceptable to start gearing up for the holidays early - yay!  You know, the way the mall is decorated for the holidays in October and your magazine subscriptions are already sharing with you holiday recipes and gift ideas?  I am going to go crazy making holiday cards and tags.  Thanks to my Aunt Peg who got me lots of goodies at archivers for my upcoming birthday - here's my first one!  

Ornament Cards - soon to be seen at!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Minnesota Visit

We headed to Minnesota and didn't look back!  It's always nice to leave reality to be welcomed by Grandparents and family eager to see baby Michael (and his mama).  It was a wonderful visit, saw lots of friends and family and also Daddy joined us for a long weekend!

Mama and Michael 

Grandpa was being loud - good thing Nana is protecting me! 

Such a stud!  A girft from Nayarah to Michael - thanks Naya!  

The lovely couple celebrating 35 years - Congratulations!  
We were so busy; a dinner at BonFire, shopping at Nordstroms, Archivers and lunch with Aunt Peg, time with Grandpa, snuggles with Grandma, bridesmaid dress shopping with the girls, sushi, and an anniversary dinner - table for 16!!  Before we left we had visits from Shane Michael's Godfather and Steph Shane's gorgeous girlfriend.  What a fun weekend!  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsy Finds for Gift Giving

Okay so I know today I was going to blog about my etsy finds for gifts..  Ummm...  How do you link pictures?!  I don't wanna go stealing pics from the web and posting them...  Usually when you copy an etsy URL into something the pic shows up... Boo!  I am technology challenged!

So here's just a few since the pics aren't pulling up with them.  
The first is a really cool herringbone iPad case.
Beautiful floral coasters for maybe someone you're not sure what to get for.
Bunny printed teas towels.  I know you're thinking teas towels?!  Click on this link and peek.  They are so beautiful!
And lastly a pretty cool bracelet -

So that's no fun.  No one wants to go clicking away.  Learn how to use technology is pretty high on my list but somehow just never gets done.  So for a little eye candy here's another bloom.  I added lots more to my shop today!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Blooms

I hear etsy gets quite busy during the fall as the holidays approach and why not?  I would much rather buy someone a beautiful handmade gift rather than something store bought.  Don't get me wrong - Nordstrom's has a lot to offer; Joie blouses, Theory tees, True Religion jeans (yes I still heart True Religions), Juicy perfume, Frye boots - oh wait I was talking about gifts for other people right?  Well, anyway the point I am making is there is tons of gorgeous gifts to be gave for sale on etsy..  

Tomorrow I think my blog will be about some of my etsy faves.  It's gonna be hard to narrow them down.  Here are some of my new listings :)  Happy Thursday!     
I think this ones my fav... 

Oh wait - maybe this one!  Ha!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Custom Orders

Browns and creams and whites 
The custom orders are coming in!  Wedding season, holidays are creeping into everyone's mind.  Wanted to share the custom box I created for my new customer Rose and another for my girl Brooke.  "Rose that's a very pretty name..."  5 bucks if you can name what movie that's from!  

Black and white and red and leopard!  Rawr! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Love it! 
I'm so stoked about this new shop item.  Card boxes!  They will be made to order for my customers - this ones for my friend Rachel and she chose the colors to compliment her room where she's planning to keep her cards :)

Michael this Month

This month Michael has gotten so much stronger and loves to giggle and play.  He's using his jumperoo, and loves dancing and singing with us.  (Well, he doesn't sing or dance really but we do).  He's rolled over twice and babbles away.  New nicknames?  Hmm..  What don't I call him?  This month it's been Michael Booty, Booty Boy, Marvin, Pooty Head, Stinkeroonie, Roonie, and of course the staples - Boo, Buggy and Buddy.

Happy babe playing with his mama!  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paper and Lace

So I've made some invites as you know but this weekend I am finally beginning to list invite packages on my shop site.  I am in love with some of my creations.  Here's my fave!