Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Alive!

I would love to be a blogger that posts daily.  I'll add that to my list of things I would like to accomplish in a day along with styling my hair and getting to bed before 10:00pm.

Well were still kickin' here.  Busy with Michael's "swim" lessons.  I say "swim" because really he is just learning to float first but it's amazing how much I love watching him learn something.  It's probably a good thing his teacher prefers him not to swim outside of his lessons because I would probably be being a psycho practicing with him all afternoon.

Here's some of our latest from Champagne Press.  We haven't stopped and now that it's wedding season it's crazy!  Here are some non wedding goodies (well I guess some of them are wedding related) for you to see.  Our shop is growing and will be changing a lot very soon with new products and a new style.  Can't wait!
Thank you cards for the beautiful baby girl Ava!  My friend Brooke's new love bug!  

Birthday party invitations for Colton.  It was an AWESOME party with bad guys and breakfast and lots more fun!  

Bridal shower invitations for one of my fabulous customers!  

Molly's Cash man's birthday invitations.  So sad I will miss this party - it's going to be crazy fun!