Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsy Finds for Gift Giving

Okay so I know today I was going to blog about my etsy finds for gifts..  Ummm...  How do you link pictures?!  I don't wanna go stealing pics from the web and posting them...  Usually when you copy an etsy URL into something the pic shows up... Boo!  I am technology challenged!

So here's just a few since the pics aren't pulling up with them.  
The first is a really cool herringbone iPad case.
Beautiful floral coasters for maybe someone you're not sure what to get for.
Bunny printed teas towels.  I know you're thinking teas towels?!  Click on this link and peek.  They are so beautiful!
And lastly a pretty cool bracelet -

So that's no fun.  No one wants to go clicking away.  Learn how to use technology is pretty high on my list but somehow just never gets done.  So for a little eye candy here's another bloom.  I added lots more to my shop today!

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