Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look at me!

This week I turned 2 months and wow have I grown!  I went to the Dr. and they said I weigh almost 14 lbs!  Mom's baby book says babies my age are normally around 10 lbs.  I am a good eater!  Ha!  The last few weeks we have been really getting into a "routine".  It looks kinda like this:

6:30am - We wake up and play in bed
6:45 - I eat
7:00 - Play in the living room
8:30 - I eat again and I usually take a 30 minute nap
9:30 - When I wake up we play again
10:30 - 1:30 - I eat and then I take this super long nap.

I mean, I sleep for three hours, sometimes longer.  I squeek a little when I wake up (I kinda forget where I am) but then Mom comes and gets me.  At this point I'm starving (Mom calls me a little hippo) so I eat again and then we play all afternoon.  Dad comes home pretty early which is nice and he makes faces at me and holds me before he makes dinner.  Our evenings are pretty good but I go to bed early.  Mom and Dad love giving me baths before I go to bed and that is the best - I love my baths!  Sometimes if it's hot I even go swimming with Dad.  He loves to swim - I watch him swim almost every single night.  Well, that's the latest.  I know it's not anything crazy but it's cool we have this routine.  I am happier for it.  Here's some recent pics of me.  I am cute!  (so I've been told)

My Godmother Bree gave me this onsie from the school she goes to.  She's super smart and right now she's in India!!!  

This is my girlfriend Bridget.  She is five weeks older than me but so petite.  I love her! 
This is me smiling at Mom.  She smiles - so I smile back! 

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