Friday, July 22, 2011

Lincoln Lawyer

Geekbert's Take

Matthew McConaughey is so hit or miss that it takes an unusual amount of trust these days to invest in any of his movies. When the man is on, no one is capable of playing a deadbeat surfer **FILL IN THE BLANK** quite like he does. When he's off the mark, I truly believe he's Adam Sandler's inspiration to continue in Hollywood. However, every once in a while someone tosses him a Wooderson that really puts him in his comfort zone. That being said, the casting department made this flick. The same team that casted Shawshank and put Edward Norton together with Richard Gere in Primal Fear hits the nail on the head by finally giving Ryan Phillipe the role he should be playing. The to top it off you get treats along the way with Michael Pena, William H. Macy, Marissa Tomei, and my new man crush...Bryan Cranston. My only real gripe was the way the movie ended (Or refused to end if you will). Not a life changer but you're missing out if you don't see this puppy.

3.5/5 Limbs

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