Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Winding Down"

For some this is hard to do...  I would venture to say it's tough for most people.  Last night my husband pointed out that I hadn't stopped doing stuff.  He wanted me to sit down and watch a movie with him - awe cute!  He wants to spend time with me!

Well after getting defensive, telling him all the things I didn't have time to do that day, and him replying something like "fine we'll just live separate lives from now until eternity" (maybe I'm over- exaggerating slightly) We separated -  He went to the computer I read my book.  Knowing I was going to be the one to end the stand off I eventually found him on the couch, told him I love spending time with him and we watched a movie.  He made me shrimp cocktail (one of my faves) and like usual I fell asleep before the movie ended.  A move that would normally piss off my man.  Last night I guess he was giving me a break ;)

How do you relax?  Wind down from a long day of tasks?

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