Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Latest from Champagne Press...

"Bazaar Beauty" 

"Pink Crush"

"Juicy Watermelon"

"Miss Molly" 
A lot of people have been asking for assorted sets, so here they are!  I love making these because as my husband says "I have have the attention of a fly" or I think that's what he says, I don't know I stopped listening, ha!  It's fun to play with different greetings and I love mixing and coordinating the colors.  I had my first "purchase from a stranger" on etsy this week - wahoo!!!  Not that I don't love making cards for friends and family because I do, I do!  And I've had many returning customers too which I am really thankful for.  Lots accomplished and it's only Wednesday!  Checkout my etsy shop @

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