Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Five Reasons Why Marriage Rocks!

So you may not know but Ben is obsessed with "Top 5" lists, ranking things, recalling the best "10" of something, etc.  Well recently we had our baby Michael of course and right now were really happy.  While things are good, ha, I though I would just do a little Top 5 in honor of my crazy husband.

#5 You always have someone to watch a movie with.  If you're lucky they will pause it and explain what's going on every time you got ADD and stopped paying attention or send a text on your phone, etc.  If you're really lucky they will find this trait endearing and you will have a good laugh about it.  BEWARE though, no matter what this can become tiresome, so watch out sister!  Make sure you are always paying close attention to your man's mood reader.

#4 Your partner can add balance to a part of you that may be lacking.  For example, Ben does the budget, cooks and shares current events.  I change the diapers and contribute love and reason when he is acting "dooms-day-ish".

#3 Someone to bitch to.  This is a good thing.  You don't need to be complaining to everyone around you.  It's nice to have this one person to complain to and then it's gone!  Note --- This is different than someone to take it out on ;)

#2  It is so good being married with a baby.  I couldn't imagine doing it alone.  Probably the main reason being, no one cares as much as your significant other about how cute you think your baby is.  "Babe, you should have heard him laughing" "Ben, come look at the babe he's sticking his tongue out!"  "Hurry, he looks so cute right now!"  After having a baby, I have realized Ben CAN hear me when I am calling his name because if it concerns Michael he comes running...  Suspicious...

#1 The best reason to be married is you have someone to make plans with.  Plans for Friday, plans for your next vacation, business plans, life plans, and if you're doing it right, plans on HOW you will love each other forever!  Cheesy I know!

Right now we are loving being parents to Michael, we have all sorts of plans on how we are going to parent him and love him.  He has given us a new reason to be motivated everyday and our marriage is stronger from seeing the other person love a little baby so much.

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  1. I agree! Lovin the family pic. Miss seeing you and i need to meet the new prince. Muah