Friday, January 20, 2012

Wedding Dreams

So...  I was a little nervous at first to begin advertising wedding invitations..  You know - all the expectations that go into wedding planning, the uncertain brides, competitive market but the more I've been thinking the more I'm sure - I got this!  I am totally excited about creating something just perfect for each bride and I have been busy creating samples that I am really happy with.  More to come FOR SURE!

"Floral Luxe" for the dazzling bride.  

"Burlap and Lace" perfect for an outdoor or natural themed wedding.  
If you know me you know I LOVE NEUTRAL colors but I would be really excited to add a color pop to any of these invites or create something custom.  Pocketfolds, invite boxes, so many options!

I might add for all of you that like to think - how does she do it with a baby?!  My house is a HOT MESS, there's ribbon and paper EVERYWHERE, we are picking little rhinestones off every surface in our house but were happy so who cares!

Happy Friday!

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