Friday, January 20, 2012

Two Posts in One Day?!

I'm drinking wine and feeling chatty.  Hmmm... Where to begin, ha!  Well I am excited for my babe Michael someday to read this so I'm sure I can find SOMETHING about him to blog about, ha!  Yeah right, I am talking and obsessing over him constantly (in my head and to his Grandparents) I try to keep the Michael chatter to a minimum as not to annoy people but what can ya do ;)   So recently I have been comparing his newborn pics to now.  WOW.  Here's one of the first to most recent 8 mo pic.  
SOOO tiny!  

8 mo. Grown so much already!  
It sick how much we love him.  How anything he does is the funniest, cutest, etc.  Right now we laugh that he loves to climb, laughs at Tux and Migo constantly, is always hanging on Mama's legs, turns around when Dad tries to hold him, puckers up for kisses, high fives, is learning to wave hi, says DADADADA, today we think he said Michael, occasionally says MAMAMAMA and pretty much anything else he does is our favorite.  

Love our Baby Boo.

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